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Find yourself in the middle of lush,

green rice fields in the heart of Bali.

Let yourself journey within.

Deep into your heart and soul. 

And allow your mind to follow.

reWAKE reTREATS creates an extraordinary new retreat in the beautiful Ubud, Bali.

Experience the ultimate Reawakening of your Body, Mind & Soul with two internationally acclaimed Healers and an award winning Artist. 

Your Guest Speakers


Lella Satie

An artist at heart and in life. Lella Satie combines her creative gifts and endeavours as an actor, writer, director and a creative mastermind consultant. Lella's creative vision and drive to express all of her aspects of self has lead her to far corners of the globe to explore, practice and study performing arts, healing arts and other disciplines. Lella is a creative director of Lemon House, an organization creating and curating consciously made gifts. Her art helps you see the self and discover your own artist within.


Don Tolman

As an international healer and teacher of sacred wisdom and ancient healing practices, Don Tolman has helped hundreds of thousands of people understand the power of self care and self education.

Don spent years studying ancient scriptures and discovering the seven principles of health that were practiced over millennia. He has been sharing the knowledge of Mother Nature and the wisdom from the past, and the power of long lost truths such as the recorded history of these words "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food." -Hippocrates


Mark Bajerski

Affectionately known as a Healer of Hearts, Mark Bajerski is a spiritual author and a founder of the Pure Energy Healing Academy. He started his spiritual path as a Psychic and an Intuitive Spiritual Healer who quickly became acclaimed for his gifts. Today Mark's focus is on sharing his experience and wisdom with people seeking to understand their life path and guiding them to find their inner peace and happiness. Mark's daily inspirational message on his YouTube channel have reached millions.

The Experience


Bali Retreat 

Gift yourself a five and a half day, six night retreat to revive your body, mind and soul. 

Day 1: Arrive to a beautiful retreat hotel in Ubud. Check in, enjoy a dinner and a welcome ceremony.

Day 2-5: Morning Yoga 7-8:15AM; Breakfast 8:30-9:30AM; First Session 10AM-12PM; Lunch 12:30PM-1:30PM; Second Session 2PM-4PM; Third Session 4:15-5PM; Free Time, Dinner 7:30PM


*Included: Airport transfer, one massage, daily yoga, meditation, one group outing, all talks and workshops, first day dinner, 3 meals for five days (all meals are vegan & pre-set), 6 nights accommodation 

~Not Included: Your flight fare

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Detox With Plant Based Food

Rewake Retreats is proud to offer all vegan food. We believe in holistic approach to living. Our founders practice the Seven Principles of Health as taught by Don Tolman. One principle is eating plant based food. 

Yoga & Meditation

You will enjoy a daily yoga practice. The class will be enjoyable for those never having experienced yoga and those who practice yoga regularly. 

The practice will strengthen your connection of body, mind and soul.

Meditation will clear your mind and prepare you for a full day of amazing adventure.

Explore Ubud

You will have free time to explore Ubud on your own.

Experience the beautiful culture of Bali and meet wonderful people of Indonesia.

Enjoy a group outing.  

Go with the flow, be open. 

Welcome the surprises.

ReWake, ReNew, ReVive

Yoga Class

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